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I can inspire creativity and innovation among attendees. Through dynamic workshops and presentations, I can teach techniques to stimulate ideas and solve problems in novel ways.


Through interactive workshops, I can demonstrate how this visual tool can foster collaboration within teams. Attendees can learn how to Mappineer for brainstorming, planning, and coordinating efforts, leading to more cohesive and efficient teamwork.


I can demonstrate how effective Mappineering can streamline workflow, enhance organization, and boost overall productivity. Attendees will learn practical tools to manage tasks, projects, and information more efficiently.


I can showcase the versatility of mind maps in various contexts, encouraging attendees to adapt this tool to their specific needs. This adaptability makes Mappineering applicable across diverse industries and professions.


I can teach the art of visual communication. By breaking down complex concepts into visual maps, I can facilitate clearer and more engaging communication, helping attendees convey ideas effectively to their teams or clients.


I can deliver a compelling and engaging presentation or workshop. Through interactive exercises and real-world examples, I can captivate your audience, ensuring a memorable and valuable learning experience.


Mappineering is a powerful tool for memory enhancement and learning retention. I can provide insights into memory-boosting techniques, aiding attendees in absorbing and retaining information more effectively.


I can also highlight the integration of technology to enhance Mappineering, introducing attendees to cutting-edge tools and software that can further amplify the benefits of this technique.


The ability to visually map out problems and solutions is a valuable skill. I can equip attendees with problem-solving techniques, fostering a mindset that encourages effective decision-making and strategic thinking.


By sharing success stories and case studies, I can inspire attendees to incorporate Mappineering into their daily routines for continuous improvement. The long-term impact will extend beyond the event, positively influencing participants' professional lives.

TYPES OF Presentations OFFERED

Facilitated workshops provide an interactive learning experience, fostering participant engagement, skill acquisition, and collaborative knowledge exchange. Led by experienced facilitators, these sessions encourage active involvement and practical application of concepts.

Diggs understands the demands placed on student athletes and gives them solid strategies for achieving the balance required for mastering the requirements that come with competing at high levels on their high school and collegiate teams while also achieving academic success.

Diggs gives tips and insights for tapping into readily available campus resources that can reduce personal stress while completing assignments and other graduation requirements.

In this presentation, John will explain how feeling blessed for your past and grateful for your future can help you to Love Life in the present moment.

Diggs walks participants through a process of climbing inside their “boxes” to examine and get rid of the clutter that we no longer need. Audiences will leave feeling inspired and hopeful and with a clear strategy for de-cluttering their minds in order to Love Life on a higher level.

This presentation shows audiences how to apply the time-honored system of Mind Mapping on a personal level to achieve the same benefits that corporate and educational organizations have been achieving for decades.

Whether you are a group with a common interest in hiking, reading bestsellers, traveling, changing diapers, or changing the world, John Diggs will show your group how to bump up your enjoyment of Life to a level where you can feel and voice a collective “Yes! We Love Life!”

John is a creative speaker who is happy to design a talk to meet your group’s specific requests. 

Some Previous Performances

NAMCA Convention

By Referral Only Main Event

Inglewood High School Students

Youth Football Camp


After experiencing a great presentation by an outstanding mind-mapping expert, the audience is likely to feel a range of positive emotions and take away valuable insights.

Here’s a glimpse into the potential post-presentation sentiments:

  • The audience is likely to feel inspired by the mind mapping expert’s creativity, innovative thinking, and ability to present information in a visually engaging manner. The presentation may ignite a sense of inspiration to approach tasks and challenges with renewed enthusiasm.
  • A compelling mind mapping presentation can instill motivation among the audience members. The expert’s ability to demonstrate practical applications and benefits of mind mapping may leave individuals motivated to incorporate these techniques into their own work and projects
  • The audience may feel empowered with new tools and strategies for organizing thoughts, solving problems, and planning effectively. The practical tips shared by the mind mapping expert can empower individuals to take control of their work processes and enhance their productivity.
  • The dynamic and interactive nature of a mind-mapping presentation can leave the audience feeling energized. The expert’s enthusiasm for the topic and engaging delivery style contribute to a positive and energetic atmosphere.
  • Mind mapping is designed to bring clarity to complex information. After a great presentation, the audience may experience a heightened sense of clarity and organization in their thinking, making it easier to approach tasks with a clear mind.
  • A mind mapping expert often emphasizes the importance of creativity in problem-solving and idea generation. The audience may feel a surge of creativity and be more inclined to think outside the box in their work.
  • The expert’s presentation is likely to provide valuable information on the principles and applications of mind mapping. The audience will leave with a deeper understanding of how mind mapping can be applied in various contexts.
  • Audience members may feel equipped with new tools and techniques to enhance their personal and professional lives. The practical insights shared by the mind mapping expert provide the audience with actionable takeaways.
  • A compelling mind mapping presentation may spark curiosity among the audience to explore further applications and possibilities of mind mapping. Attendees may be motivated to delve deeper into the technique and its potential benefits.
  • o The positive and solution-oriented nature of a mind mapping presentation can leave the audience feeling optimistic about their ability to approach challenges more effectively. The expert’s emphasis on practical solutions fosters a positive outlook.
  • An outstanding mind mapping expert can create a sense of connection with the audience. The relatability of the content and the expert’s ability to connect with the audience emotionally contribute to a lasting impact.
  • The audience may feel appreciative of the mind mapping expert’s expertise, insights, and the effort put into delivering a valuable presentation. Appreciation for the practical tools and techniques shared enhances the overall experience.
  • Audience members are likely to leave the presentation with a readiness to apply mind mapping techniques in their own projects, tasks, and problem-solving processes. The practicality of the expert’s advice motivates action.
  • Attendees may feel a sense of gratitude for the valuable information, tips, and inspiration provided by the mind mapping expert. The presentation may be seen as a catalyst for positive change and improvement.

Overall, a great presentation by an outstanding mind mapping expert aims to leave the audience not only informed but also inspired and equipped with practical tools for personal and professional growth.

The lasting impact of such a presentation often extends beyond the event itself.

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