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About the Author

Born in the creative hotbed of Pacoima in northern LA, John Diggs earned a scholarship to play football at Washington State University and went on to play five years in the NFL and CFL before officially retiring in 1995. John then built and owned one of Southern California’s most outstanding mortgage brokerages.

When the mortgage meltdown of 2008 triggered this country’s “Great Recession,” John lost his business, his home, and his family. Going from the highs of success on every front to the low of sleeping on his mom’s couch, however, turned out to provide the backdrop for a life-changing idea.

It was during that low point that Diggs decided to use Mind Mapping to sort through and document every book, CD, notebook, and piece of motivational and inspirational advice he had accumulated in the “Big-Ass Box” he dragged over to his mom’s house. During the three-month process, John developed and applied a system using Mind Mapping that transformed his life.

He then realized that since the system worked so well for him, he could help others who were facing challenges and hardship. So, as he was putting his own life back together, Diggs created a way to share what he had learned with others. John’s Love Life system helps people learn how to live their best lives regardless of their current circumstances. The author’s first four books and accompanying mini-courses walk readers through that system.

Diggs published “Mappineer Your College Years: An Insider’s Guide to Crushing College with Mind Maps” designed to help students navigate the many challenges of college.

Most recently, Diggs published the First Quarter “Mappineering™ Map Book” designed to give people the opportunity to reflect on and journal about three components of HEALTH: Spiritual, Physical, and Mental.

Mappineer Your College Years, An Insider's Guide to Crushing College with Mind Maps


Get ready to crush your college experience using leading world authority, John Diggs’ simple, yet effective tool of Mind Mappineering to power through the complex variety of academic, personal, and social challenges you are about to face!

BlessednGrateful: The Secret to Loving Life Right Now!


If you’re longing to understand some of the major secrets to loving the life you’re living or if you’re just not living your best life, John Diggs offers up insight into how your past, your perception of your present what you’re living right now-and your vision for your future or lack of vision, can be the biggest roadblocks to loving life.

DIGG This Too!: Four More Powers To Love Life


Discover how to hone in on your authentic self and make decisions that will direct your life along the path of your choosing by understanding how you can accurately and effectively create the life you want.

I AM: A Dynamic Look at How to Be, Do, and Have Excellent Health, Extraordinary Wealth, Enormous Success and Extreme Happiness


John Diggs delves into the I AM process of getting what we want out of life by declaring it to be so. By stating that we are already what we want to do, be, and have, we become the creators of our own reality. And that can be any reality we can imagine.

Love Life! Can You DIGG It?: A System of Thought to Powerfully Change Your Life Forever!


Love Life! Can You DIGG It? takes us through a life-changing process of internal transformation that leads to happiness from the inside out, not by gaining material possessions, but by learning how to truly love life! A life that can include anything you want.

What's In Your Big-Ass Box?: Mind Mapping Your Way to a Life You Love


The book was inspired by Diggs’ January 2023 TEDx Talk in Gainesville, Florida, where the author presented his “idea worth spreading” to a receptive audience. On the TEDx stage that night was a large box illustrating the few possessions, including books and educational materials that Diggs dragged over to his mom’s house at the lowest point of his life. That low point, however marked the start of the author’s remarkable transformation.

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