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Love Life More

Learn how to consistently apply your most powerful emotion, Love to your entire experience of Life!

Decide Who You Are

Learn how to decide Who you are, in order to do all you need to do to have all you would like to have!

Be BlessednGrateful

Learn how to Feel Blessed for your past and Grateful for your future Right Now, in the Present!

DIGG Deeper

Learn to hone in our your authentic self and make decisions that will direct your life along the path of your choosing!

Let Me Show You How I Did It...

John Diggs, like most people, has experienced many ups and downs in his life, but as a boy living with his mother, he was determined to Love Life!

After being forced to give up a successful career as a pro football player due to reconstructive knee surgery, he went on to become a successful businessman.

Then, after a market downturn and the mortgage meltdown, he lost everything he had including his business, his home, his car, and his family.

10 years ago, John turned his life around and is now a Certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, and Mind Mapping Master.

He has since reunited with his family, loves salsa dancing around the world, and lives in Val Vista Lakes, Arizona.


I hope you CAN DIGG IT because John Diggs' book is a rewarding read. He takes the time to make things digestible and easy to understand.

Nicole G

Everyone should read “I AM”. John Diggs takes you step by step through the process, providing the knowledge, tools and strategies to easily implement into your life and with immediate results.

Matt S.

Love Life! Can You DIGG It? is fantastic. It has opened my mind as well as my approach to loving the life I live. Thank you, John! I Can Digg it.

Cedric S.
A System of Thought to Powerfully Change Your Life Forever!

If you're looking to get to the edge of motivational madness, gain all your heart's desires, and learn how to Love Life completely and unconditionally, John Digg's Love Life! Can You DIGG It? gives you 7 Powers in a system of thought that will get you there.

A Dynamic Look at How to Be, Do and Have Excellent Health, Extraordinary Wealth

I AM is a combination of the Power of Identity and the Power of Decision, two of the Seven Power Principles in his book Love Life! Can You DIGG It? That system of empowering our lives to receive, become, and have what we need to Love Life spurred him on to creating even more fundamental teachings, particularly how we are the creators of our own destiny where success can be anything we can envision.

The Secret to Loving Life Right Now!

If you're looking to create the life you love so you can love the life you're living, John Diggs shows you in his easy-to-read style how to map out your life--past, present and future--using intentional directional thoughts expressed as words and images in the most current form of behavioral analysis available today: Mind Mapping. 

Four More Powers to Love Life More

In DIGG This Too, Love Life Coach and Mind Mapping Master John Diggs gives us four more Powers to amplify the experience of the seven Powers in his first book, Love Life, Can You DIGG It? DIGG This Too is a companion to his original system of thought that can powerfully change your life forever. 

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