Here are some key advantages:

How are Student-Athletes feeling after developing their own Big Play Power:
Big Play Power will positively impact your academic performance, athletic endeavors, and overall well-being.

Big Play Power will help you create visual schedules and plans, facilitating better time management. This can be especially valuable for balancing academic commitments, training sessions, and competitions.

Big Play Power will teach effective study techniques using visual aids. You can Mappineer mind maps to organize information, make connections between concepts, and improve memory retention.

By incorporating Mappineering into study routines, you will experience reduced academic stress. Visual organization can make complex topics more approachable and manageable.

Big Play Power will assist you in setting and visualizing your academic and athletic goals. Creating visual representations of these goals enhances clarity and motivation.

Big Play Power will enhance creativity and divergent thinking. You will find innovative solutions to academic challenges and enhance your problem-solving skills.

The visual nature of mind maps aids in memory recall. You can use mind maps as study aids, enhancing their ability to remember key concepts and information.

Big Play Power will help you improve your communication skills by teaching you how to convey ideas visually. This skill is valuable in academic presentations, team discussions, and beyond.

Big Play Power will introduce you to stress reduction techniques, such as mindfulness and relaxation strategies, to help you manage the pressures of both academics and sports.

Through Mappineering, you will develop better focus and concentration. Visual representations will help you organize thoughts, leading to more efficient and focused study sessions.

Big Play Power will guide you in creating strategic plans for both your academic and athletic pursuits. This includes setting short-term and long-term goals and outlining steps to achieve them.

Mappineering encourages adaptability and resilience in the face of challenges. You will use visual tools to reorganize plans, set new goals, and navigate changes in your academic and athletic journeys.

Exercising your Big Play Power will contribute to the development of a positive mindset. Visualization techniques and goal-setting exercises can boost confidence and motivation.

Big Play Power will facilitate the integration of lessons learned in athletics into academic pursuits and vice versa. This holistic approach enhances your overall development.

Big Play Power encourages self-reflection. You will gain insights into your learning preferences, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Big Play Power will you in planning for the transition beyond your football career. Visualizing future goals and career paths contributes to a more seamless post-athletic transition.

Big Play Power will aid you in effectively communicating your goals, challenges, and needs to your coaches. This transparency fosters a supportive coach-athlete relationship.

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To Help You, I have created the following


Big Play Power Amazon Book Cover


Former college and pro football player, John Diggs is on a mission to help student-athletes find success both in academics and on the football field. 

A very readable 99-page Insider’s Guide, “Big Play Power” shows athletes how to tap into the power of the simple time-tested tool of Mappineering™ to visualize and then experience Big Plays throughout their lives.


  • 1 Hour Guided Mappineering Video
  • Topics Reviewed:
    • What is a Big Play
    • My Big Play
    • Power of Imagination
    • Power of Mappineering
    • com
  • Mappineering Exercise:
    • Your 1 Big Play Mind Map
  • Mappineering Support:
    • Sundays Live Q&A Open Sessions
  • Access:
    • Big Play Power Online Community
Big Play Power Mini-Course Mind Map
Click to Learn More


Big Play Power Course Mind Map
Click to Learn More
  • 4 Week Online Course
  • 12 Guided Mappineering Videos
  • 12 Mappineering Exercises
  • Topics Reviewed
    • Your Big Play Power Game
      • Pre-Game, Quarters, Post-Game
    • Your Big Play Power Season
      • Off-Season, Pre-Season, In-Season
    • Your Big Play Power School
      • Time Management & Prioritization, Maintaining Physical & Mental Health, Setting Goals & Seeking Support
    • Your Big Play Power Life
      • Personal Development & Character Building, Education & Lifelong Learning, Building Meaningful Relationships & Networks
  • Mappineering Support:
    • Weekly Exclusive Live Q&A Group Sessions
  • Access:
    • Big Play Power Inclusive Online Community


Student-Athletes will receive the ultimate toolkit for success with our Big Play Power Bundle. This comprehensive package combines our acclaimed Mini-Course and full Big Play Power Max-Course, offering a complete roadmap to mastering the game through Mappineering™.

With a total of 24 guided videos and exercises, athletes will dive deep into every aspect of Big Play Power, from pre-game strategies to off-season preparation, academic success, and personal development. Live Q&A sessions provide direct access to expert guidance, while access to the Big Play Power Online community ensures ongoing support and collaboration.

Whether you’re aiming for victory on the field or success in life, this bundle equips you with the skills, strategies, and mindset to achieve your goals.


  • Interactive In-person or Online Sessions
  • Guided Mappineering Exercises
  • 2-4 Hours
  • Topics:
    • Improved Organization, Enhanced Learning, Effective Planning, Stress Reduction, Improved Memory Retention, Creativity & Problem-Solving Skills, Enhanced Communication, Time Management


  • Customizable Engagement
  • 3 – 6 Months
  • 1 – 2 Onsite Sessions
  • 12 – 36 Guided Video Mappineering Exercises and Sessions
  • Weekly Live Q & A Sessions
  • Topics:
    • Improved Game Strategy, Enhanced Communication, Better Adaptation to Changing Situations, Optimized Training Sessions, Improved Mental Preparation, Enhance Memory Retention, Individualized Learning, Transferable Skills, Team Cohesion and Unity.

For More Information:

Coaches who work with me to implement Mappineering into their coaching programs can experience a range of positive emotions and outcomes.

Here are some coaches will feel after incorporating Mappineering into their coaching strategies:

Coaches will feel empowered with a new set of tools and techniques that enhance their ability to convey complex strategies, game plans, and training routines effectively.

Improved communication through visual aids will make coaches feel more confident in conveying ideas and concepts to their athletes, staff, and stakeholders.

The visual nature of mind maps will enhance coaches’ planning processes, leading to more structured and organized training sessions, game plans, and overall program development.

Coaches will witness increased engagement from their athletes as visual elements, such as mind maps, capture attention and facilitate better understanding of tactics and strategies.

The integration of Mappineering will create a more dynamic and interactive learning environment, making coaching sessions more enjoyable and effective for both coaches and athletes.

Coaches will experience a boost in creative problem-solving as mind maps stimulate divergent thinking, helping to generate innovative solutions to challenges within the team.

Coaches will find that Mappineering streamlines planning processes, leading to more efficient use of time in designing training sessions and overall program development.

Implementing Mappineering will contribute to a positive team culture as coaches and athletes collaborate visually, fostering a sense of teamwork and shared understanding.

Coaches will feel more adaptable to changing situations and evolving game scenarios as mind maps provide a flexible framework for adjusting strategies and tactics.

The incorporation of Mappineering adds a creative dimension to coaches’ teaching repertoire, making coaching sessions more dynamic and engaging.

Coaches will perceive Mappineering as a valuable tool for supporting the holistic development of their athletes, including cognitive, strategic, and communication skills.

Coaches will witness an increase in athlete empowerment as Mappineering allows athletes to actively participate in the planning and decision-making processes.

Coaches will gain confidence in knowing that athletes understand the tactics and strategies more comprehensively through visual representation.

Working with me will instill a continuous improvement mindset in coaches, encouraging them to explore new teaching methodologies and further refine their coaching strategies.

Successfully integrating Mappineering into coaching programs will bring a sense of personal fulfillment to coaches as they witness positive changes in athlete engagement and performance.

Overall, coaches will feel a sense of empowerment, creativity, and improved communication skills after working with me and developing their Big Play Power. The positive impact on the coaching experience, athlete engagement, and overall program effectiveness will contribute to a fulfilling and successful coaching journey.

Big Play Power for my coaches

With many friends and former Teammates now coaching all over the country, I understand these challenges. Which is why I create a Big Play Power series just for coaches.

To help them utilize the power of Mappineering with their student-athletes.


  • Individual, Group
  • Benefits:
    • Customized Instruction, Skill Development, Increased Productivity, Enhanced learning and Retention, Improved Problem-Solving Skills, Effective Communication, Stress Reduction, Long-Term Growth and Development


  • Individual, Group Coaching
  • Benefits:
    • Visual Representation of Strategies, Enhanced Understanding and Retention, Improved Communication, Adaptability and Flexibility, Strategic Planning and Analysis, Player Development, Efficient Practice Sessions, Enhanced Motivation and Engagement, Positive Team Culture

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