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John Diggs is a former pro football player and successful mortgage executive who, after experiencing major setbacks, successfully pivoted his career, carved out a niche, and built a business based on a need he recognized. Diggs’ story is one of resilience, hard work, and dedication to his passions. After being forced to give up a successful career as a pro athlete because of reconstructive knee surgery, he became a successful leader in the mortgage industry. During his rewarding career in the mortgage industry, he would face another setback—a market downturn and the mortgage meltdown. He lost everything, including his business, his home, his car, and his family. Rather than giving up, he dove deep into his passions and explored new opportunities. After nine months of hard work and research, and Mind Mapping all the books he owned by some of the greatest thought leaders of our time, he emerged as an expert in his field. Actually, many fields.

The Comeback Diggs is now a Mind Mapping Master, combining his experience as a certified Life Coach and certified NLP Practitioner to help people live their best lives.

In short, mind mapping is a useful tool for organizing ideas. “Mind mapping is an ancient, time-honored system of thought that makes our brains do happy dances by bringing their two sides together, boosting creativity, memory, and productivity,” says Diggs.

Diggs reminds us that corporate organizations and education have taken advantage of mind mapping for decades and asks the question. “What if we took the same time-honored system and applied it on a personal level to help us live our best lives?”

In the early 2000s, I had a very beautiful career, family, and life for myself as the owner of one of the top mortgage brokerages in southern California. In 2008, I lost my beautiful career, family and life in the mortgage meltdown. It nearly destroyed me if not for the grace of God inspiring me to Mind Map all the motivational, mental health and self-help information I accumulated over the years, stored in the Big Ass Box I took to my mother’s home. 

Mind Mapping the contents of the Big Ass Box caused information to resonate me in such a way that I was able get really clear on who I am, what I want to experience my life and what I needed to do to reset my life in a powerful way.

In short, Mind Mapping caused me to totally transform my life spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially right away. In fact, I went from being broke and homeless, living at my mom’s, to accepting a solid six figure position and moving into a beautiful townhome on the beach within eight months. And I’m convinced that Mind Mapping was the direct cause of this rapid life transformation.

For the next 10 years, mind mapping caused me to truly experience excellent health, extraordinary wealth, enormous success and extreme happiness. 

In 2020, as a result of being quarantined due to COVID, I decided to finally pursue my childhood dream of helping others live their best lives by publishing several books designed to help people learn how to mind map to Love Life more. 

In Jan of 2023, I was BlessednGrateful to perform my first TEDx Talk, where I share my mind mapping life story. I’m hopeful my story will touch, move and inspire people to learn how mind mapping can powerfully transform their lives too. To support my message and my mission, I have published an Amazon Hot New Releases Book called, What’s In Your Big Ass Box?. This book intends to help people realize that we all have limiting beliefs that shape our Big Ass Boxes and to truly Love Life we must not only think outside out Big Ass Boxes but we must also live outside out Big Ass Boxes and the very best tool to help us do this is Mind Mapping.

To further support my mind mapping message and mission, I am hosting a powerful online community designed to help the world learn how to engineer beautiful mind map to love life more., or The Ville for short, is the amazing project I’ve ever been a part of because it will truly have the greatest impact. I’m so excited about experience all of the incredible success stories mind mapping is causing all over the world. 

As a Life Coach you are known as the Mind Mapping Master. What is Mind Mapping? 

A Mind Map is the most powerful thinking tool in the Universe because it’s the most effective and the most efficient way to get information into and out of the brain. 

A Mind Map is a visual information management tool used for brainstorming, organizing, memorizing, prioritizing, and reviewing data in a highly specialized way.

It is said that if our brain is locked, a mind map is the key to unlock it. 

And Mid mapping is a More Engaging Form of Learning, an active learning strategy that enhances idea generation, engagement, and motivation.

Mind mapping also improves creative thinking, decision making, note-taking, strategic planning and problem-solving abilities. 

The truth is people of all ages, from first graders to CEOs are benefiting from mind mapping because its biggest benefit is its flexibility because there are no limits to what mind maps can be used for.

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