Harnessing the Power of Mind Mapping

by NY Weekly Staff

Swooping through life’s trials and tribulations with grace and tenacity, John Diggs, a former pro football player and successful mortgage executive, has charted an awe-inspiring path to resilience. When a knee injury terminated his football career and a market downturn led to the loss of his business, Diggs decided to pivot rather than perish. He embarked on a journey of exploration, one that eventually led him to become a Master of Mind Mapping and a certified Life Coach.

Diggs’ new title as a Mind Mapping Master heralds his expertise in a technique that combines his passion for coaching with his certified proficiency in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Mind mapping, as Diggs defines it, is a revered system of thought that prompts the brain’s two sides to work in unison, stimulating creativity, memory, and productivity.

Mind mapping has been used for decades in corporate and educational settings, but Diggs seeks to harness its power for personal growth and self-improvement. This method has several advantages, from boosting creativity by enabling the exploration of diverse ideas visually and non-linearly, to enhancing memory retention, increasing productivity, facilitating collaboration, and even reducing stress and anxiety.

The technique has wide-ranging implications, making it valuable for everyone from students to professionals, artists to writers. Mind Mapping can aid students in organizing their notes and ideas, or professionals in brainstorming and planning projects. For artists, it can be a tool for conceptualizing creative projects. Writers can benefit from it by using it to map out their narratives or keep track of characters. 

Diggs’ impressive journey and his mastery over mind mapping led him to the TEDx stage, allowing him to share his unique perspectives and powerful ideas. He has also created an online community, The Ville, dedicated to individuals committed to leading fulfilling lives by engineering intricate mind maps. 

Living in Val Vista Lakes, Arizona, Diggs is also a doting single father to two daughters, setting an example of work-life balance. He has proven that prioritizing family and maintaining a resolute determination to make a difference can lead to success.

John Diggs’s story stands as an inspiring testament to the power of determination and resilience. His life serves as a powerful reminder that no matter the challenges faced, with dedication, passion, and hard work, one can still triumph. He has emerged from his trials as an expert in the field of mind mapping, and a beacon for those seeking to live their best lives.  

John Diggs, once a professional football player and a successful businessman, experienced life’s drastic lows, only to rebound and thrive. Today, he stands as a Certified Love Life Coach and a Master Mind Mappineer, dedicated to helping others achieve an existence brimming with health, wealth, success, and happiness. He resides in Val Vista Lakes, Arizona, where he loves spending quality time with his three daughters and enjoys social dancing around the globe. With his extraordinary resilience and unique approach to life coaching, Diggs is making an indelible mark on countless lives. 

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