John Diggs: A Life Transformed By Mind Mapping

John Diggs: A Life Transformed By Mind Mapping

I recently had the opportunity to meet John Diggs, who is very passionate about teaching people how to live a better life through mind mapping.

John’s teaching comes from his own rich tapestry of life experience – from the highest highs of playing professional football and building a highly successful mortgage business in the booming LA market to losing everything in the big banking crash of 2008. He has experienced some amazing highs and humbling lows. But through it all, mind mapping has given him the focus and resilience to come roaring back, feeling blessed and loving life more than ever.

I was so impressed by John’s story that I asked him to share it with you.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

John Diggs, born and raised in Los Angeles. Went to Washington State University and played professional Football for 5 years. Had a successful mortgage career for 15 years until the mortgage meltdown of 2008. For 11 years I have been one of the country’s top mortgage software developers. Married for 25 years with three beautiful daughters. Currently live in Gilbert, Arizona.

When did you first discover mind mapping?

In 2010, when a friend of mine presented a business opportunity using a mind map. It was a powerful visual aid that clearly illustrated the full possibilities of it.

What initially intrigued you about it?

The ability to connect ideas and organize thoughts in a simple, understandable way.

What convinced you that you needed to start mind mapping?

When I was at the lowest part of my life, I knew I needed to revisit all of the self-improvement audio tapes, books, note books, DVDs and things I had accumulated throughout my life to get my life back on track right away. And after meeting with my friend, I realized that mind mapping was the perfect tool to help me remember and implement the things I must to do to transform my life.

How would you describe your early experiences with mind mapping? How did it help you plan the next phase of your life?

Truly empowering. It began to immediately help me sort out my beliefs, my values and the action steps I needed to take next to be the highest and best version of myself. I was able to get real clear that excellent health, extraordinary wealth, enormous success and extreme happiness is who I am and how I intend to live my life.

As you got more comfortable with mind mapping, how did you expand your use of it?

I began using mind mapping for everything possible, mainly book reviews and note taking. Then I started mind mapping to successfully present information to my software development clients.

What is the biggest benefit that mind mapping has provided you with?

Mental clarity.

What is it about mind mapping that makes it such a powerful thinking tool, in your opinion?

It’s ability to activate both sides of the brain to efficiently and effectively process valued information.

You’ve told me that you feel SO strongly about the difference mind mapping has made in your life that you’re training people in it. What’s your plan for this new initiative?

I plan to host free weekly 30-minute webinars, to not just introduce people to mind mapping but to also show them how I specifically use it to love life!

Who is your ideal client for this training?

35-45 year old, African American, college educated, stable employment, family person, open to grow and learn ways live their best life and to love life more.

You’ve also written several books. Please tell us about them.

Love Life! Can You DIGG It? A System of Thought to Powerfully Change Your Life Forever? – The purpose of Life is to apply our most powerful emotion (love) to it. And Can You DIGG It is the 7-step system I created on how to do it.

I AM: A Dynamic Look at How To Do and Have Excellent Health, Extraordinary Wealth, Enormous Success & Extreme Happiness – One of the most powerful ways to love life is to get real clear about who you need to BE to do what you need to DO to have all you want to HAVE in life. And this book walks the reader through how I mind map to get crystal clear about who I AM!

BlessednGrateful: The Secret to Loving Life Right Now – The best way to love life on a daily is to FEEL BlessednGrateful. Blessed for your past and grateful for your future right now, in the present. And BlessednGrateful walks readers through the thought process and mind maps on how to be BlessednGrateful.

DIGG This Too – is an extension of Love Life! Can You DIGG It? It digs deeper into 4 more powers you can utilize to love life.

What do you wish that people knew and understood about mind mapping?

How easy it is to use to make decisions and problem solve.

Without a tool like mind mapping, why is it so hard to get clarity on what you need to think, plan and do?

Because without mind mapping, it’s hard to see your thoughts, build your plan and visualize what to do.

Based on your experience, how does mind mapping help you to get out of the fog of uncertainty and develop definite plans for your future?

Mind mapping helps me SEE everything more clearly to determine what my next best steps are for my future.

Can you share an example of how it helped you to make a major breakthrough in your thinking?

In 2010, I was lost. I didn’t know who I was. What my purpose for living was. And mind mapping enabled me to get positive information into my mind to start to rebuild my thoughts, my feelings, my behaviors and my results.

Picture for a moment how you think and plan today compared to the old you. What are the biggest differences?

My confidence. I truly believe with mind mapping I can and will achieve anything I desire. Before I knew I could experience some success but now I’m more certain.

Why do you think so many people are hesitant to give mind mapping a try?

Right now I believe it’s simply awareness. I don’t believe Americans, especially African Americans, have been properly introduced to the power of mind mapping. I say properly because I believe mind mapping needs to be made sexy, fun and exciting. Mind mapping needs an American spokesman to present it in an entertaining way.

In your opinion, what are they missing out on by not adopting mid mapping?

People are missing out on the most powerful thinking and empowerment tool in the universe.

Where can my readers learn more about your work? is coming soon!

Thank you very much, Chuck!